Colors N More Painting and Home Improvements - Colors N More Painting made a TOTAL MESS of our home ! WARNING for others !

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We hired Colors N More Painting to paint the interior of our home in Sept. 2012 after receiving the written proposal from them which was to include "caulking as needed, repair ceiling seam, nail pops and wall patches". During the free estimate visit, the owner of Colors N More, Michael Snell ( aka Steve Snell ) talked alot about how attentive they were to detail, and how committed they were to providing a quality finish. Even their website states that "QUALITY is our FIRST priority".

The first day, they started sanding the ceiling and had covered NOTHING in the home so EVERYTHING was covered in a heavy coating of drywall dust. Their excuse ( and there was ALOT of excuses during their work ) was that they "normally don't cover anything until they are ready to start painting". They apologized and promised to clean up and cover everything for the remainder of the job.

Painting started and they began painting the trim but, as though they had changed their minds half-way through, stopped painting trim and started "cutting in" the walls. Even though they had haphazardly covered a few of our furnishings with small pieces of thin plastic, they still managed to get paint everywhere -- Trim paint on the walls and, wall paint on the trim and floors. The ceiling had been "repaired" and painted and was crooked as "a dogs hind leg" and paint splatter was everywhere -- our furniture and appliances and floors. More than that, there was an obvious patch of spackling left on the ceiling and instead of sanding it smooth or scraping it, they painted right over it. The nail pops that were specifically listed in the proposal were also painted over without so much as a second thought.

We confronted them about their sloppy work and pointed out the "issues" which they promised to "fix" and over the final days of painting, things went down hill from there. The wall patches, that were also specifically listed in the proposal were also painted over untouched or with the most half-assed attempt to smooth it out. The walls were obviously not properly prepped and ANYTHING that happened to be on the walls or trim was painted over as it was. No effort at all was being made by Steve and his helper to do anything that resembled a professional quality paint job.

There are paint runs, drips and sags on just about every surface that they touched in our home. Paint splatter everywhere, broken ceiling light fixtures and gouges in our hardwood floor. NOTHING had been caulked and it was blatantly obvious that these "painters" either didn't care or, weren't capable of painting a straight line. Numerous opportunities were given to them to "fix" the issues but each time they did, it only got worse and they made more of a mess.

Door casing that was JUST INSTALLED the day before they arrived to start painting looks as though it has been there forever -- Paint runs, unfilled nail holes, no caulking and large areas that were not painted at all and, as bad as the walls and trim looks, the interior doors look even worse -- More paint runs, obvious brush strokes and sections of the doors that look like they were painted with transparent paint !

To refer to the work done by Colors N More as "Amateurish" would be an insult to all amateur painters everywhere. NEVER have I seen such a horrendous paint job done by anyone, anywhere !

If there is an option to attach photos of their "quality" work to this complaint, I will. If not, and you are still considering hiring Colors N More after reading this, PLEASE send me an email at and I will gladly respond with ACTUAL photos of their work then, decide for yourself, DO YOU WANT THIS KIND OF MESS IN YOUR HOME ?

Review about: Interior Home Painting.

Monetary Loss: $2150.



After 7 months of denials by Colors N More Painting, the court case against them is FINALLY over and, as I have maintained from the beginning of this campaign to expose to the public the TRUE results of hiring Colors N More, the Caroline County Circuit Court judge ordered a FULL REFUND and chastised Mr. Snell ( Colors N More Painting ) for his "very sloppy and unprofessional work"

For all of his years of experience as a "professional" painter and claims of being "locally reviewed" and having "earned the respect of the community" there are NO positive reviews of his work and NO photos ( except the few that he shows which are, more likely than not, of HIS home ) to support his claims.

On the other hand, I have provided numerous photos of the sh*tty work that he did in our home.

To be fair, Mr. Snell MAY be capable of doing quality work but, if he has, don't you think that someone, ANYONE would be willing to stand up for him and show evidence or give testimony of it !?


I again repea my initial review. Colors N More may be capable of providing "Quality work at a fair price" but, I have seen NO positive public reviews for them, NO detailed photos of this "quality work" and, in MY HOME, they made a COMPLETE MESS that will cost thousands of dollars to repair !

I have provided detailed photos of their work on YouTube and PhotoBucket. The PUBLIC is welcome to review those photos, as well as Colors N More's claim that they will "Provide Quality work at a fair price" and DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES IF THEY WANT THIS KIND OF QUALITY WORK IN THEIR HOME AT ANY PRICE !


The statements on this web site are false.

This case has been to COURT and Judged in favor for COLORS-N-MORE.

We stand by our commitment to provide Quality work at a fair price.

Thank You,



The statements that have been made about COLORS-n-MORE ARE FALSE.This case has gone to COURT and found in favor for COLORS-N-MORE. We stand by our commitment to provide Quality service at a fair price.

to COLORS-N-MORE Richmond, Virginia, United States #657580

Colors N More can CLAIM to provide quality service all they want but, where is the PROOF ? Where are the POSITIVE REVIEWS ?

The ONLY reviews and proof that I can find anywhere on the web are from Colors N More's latest victim of their sloppy work and indifference to providing quality anything. Now, there is a COURT RULING in which the judge also says that their work is "sloppy" !?

The reviews and photos and court ruling speaks VOLUMES about the TRUE quality of Colors N More Painting ! You clowns won't EVER be in MY home !


Wow. I hope you didn't pay them. What on earth did they have to say for themselves?


Wow. I hope you didn't pay them. What on earth did they have to say for themselves?

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